Guess Who Got Race Photos!!!

You guys! I’m so happy!!! I finally got my picture taken at a race! Yesss. This really makes Long Branch my favorite race so far 🙂

After reviewing the photos I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not a pretty runner… And, yes. The sunglasses are TOO big for running… Oh… and I’m really pale…

This is early on in the race.

So close to the finish…

Sprinting to the finish!!!

I LOVE this last one… It’s been my goal to leap across the finish line… totally dorky, I know… I guess it’s from all my years as a dancer… wow my legs are white…



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3 responses to “Guess Who Got Race Photos!!!

  1. Your finish line pic is the best!

  2. Ryan

    those glasses……….

  3. GREAT race photos!! And you nailed the finish pic!! Yes!!! 🙂

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