A Weekend of Fun

Where to begin?! This weekend was full of fun and sun. Summer is finally here!

Friday night after work we took Bailey to the dog park where she met lots of friends. (There was even another Boston Terrier!)

We then went out to dinner. Guess what we had? SUSHI. That was the third time I had eaten sushi that week… And I could eat it today! I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it!

Saturday was a nice and relaxing day. Ryan and I did a 2 mile run by the water and then just relaxed until dinner time. We decided to go somewhere new and different. We chose to go to an Indian restaurant that Ryan’s roommate loves.  And we got him to come with us which wasn’t difficult at all and was great because he knew what to order! It was so good!

By then it was too late for me to travel back to Yonkers so I just stayed over in the city. The last thing I wanted to do was get back to Yonkers at around 9:30pm go to sleep and take the 6:30am train back into the city for my race.

The RACE: Japan Day Run for Hope

Source: http://www.nyrr.com
Really fun! NYRR Races are always organized well and everyone was super nice and friendly. They even had a raffle for a trip to Japan! I wanted to win so bad!!! The weather was perfect and I PR’d. I beat my old 4 mile race time by 7 seconds. 30:45. (I didn’t run with music) I know I could have run a faster race. I didn’t plan the night before very well… I had three beers Saturday night and did not feel so hot at 8 in the morning on Sunday. But I surprised myself and did well.

After the race I finally headed home to Yonkers to grocery shop and sleep. I was so tired! But I wasn’t too tired to make this little beauty of a pizza.

Bailey and my cat Lexi (really need to put pictures of her up here!) even got me a Mother’s Day card! Thanks Ryan 🙂



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3 responses to “A Weekend of Fun

  1. sushi. race. pizza.
    best weekend ever! : )

  2. Ryan

    I saw a guy today running at lunch with the Japan Day running shirt on!

    P.S.- Looks like you probably beat him

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