Lunch Break

Today my lunch break was way more exciting and interesting than my usual, sit, eat, return to desk and read blogs.

I went to The Running Company in search of another pair of running shoes and a running skirt! It’s super nice outside so the walk was just perfect.

I have read many “rules” for running/training for a marathon and in every book, magazine, and web site they all say you need at least two pairs of running shoes that you rotate. My question to them is do you know how much running shoes cost???

Well, I finally saved up enough/got my tax return money to buy another pair! I didn’t want the same Brooks shoes that I already have (I love them, but I like variety) so I went for a similar shoe by Saucony.

Now you’re probably thinking, Catie, why on earth would you want to buy a running skirt… Well, there are two reasons. 1) I’ve seen other women wearing them and they look kinda cute. 2) I’m running in the Modern Mini 10K. After reading about the race I learned that the first race director named it the Mini because of the mini-skirt craze going on at the time. So I thought I’d pay tribute! I think those are two good reasons for buying a running skirt. Don’t you?

I bought the Nike Pacer Running Skirt. It was $45.

The skirt that first got my attention (pictured below) and even made me go to the store last night was the running skirt by lululemon. It’s more expensive at $56… They didn’t have my size last night, which I guess is good because I ended up saving some money!

Anyone out there wear a running skirt??? Would you? Be honest. It this dorky???



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3 responses to “Lunch Break

  1. Annie

    What size sneak are you? I like the pleated ruffle one. Its “SEXY” I asked your size, because I can get deasigner shoes and sneaks at the lowest price. For instance this wk I bought Stuart Weitzmen and Donald Pliner, along with
    Badgley Mischkas, for $39.00 and Last wk Cole Haan. They have sneakers.

  2. ProGrid Guide 4s! I wear them too, as well as Brooks Trance 10s. 🙂

    I LOVE my running skirts! I wear one basically every run. I alternate between Skirt Sports, my Nuu-Muu dresses and Running Skirts.

  3. I found your blog because I searched this Lululemon skirt online!! I love it!!!! I saw it at the store and just love it!!! I only wear running skirts or tights. I’m not a short fan.

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