Girls Weekend

It’s the WEEKEND!!! 

I’m very excited because this weekend I’ll be having lots of fun with some of my closest friends. We’ve decided to have a girls weekend and are going to Atlantic City. Much fun will be had and millions of photos will be taken. I can’t wait!

I’ve planned to run with one of my friends, Jackie, but it looks like it’s suppose to rain… Maybe we’ll just have to use the gym at the hotel. I’m hoping to get some miles in, but if not, oh well. Having fun with friends will take precedent over running this weekend 🙂

I hope you all have a lovely weekend too!!!

Oh and Happy Birthday Weekend to Kristen, my Running Buddy in Nashville! Her birthday was yesterday and I know she’s doing something super fun this weekend!!!



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3 responses to “Girls Weekend

  1. Dad

    Have a great time, Catie, and give us a call when ya can. Our highlight will be taking Jeanetta to Tad’s Chick Dump on Saturday…

  2. That sounds so fabulous! I’d love to be having a girls weekend, but I suppose I can settle for Sunday brunch with a handful of my local girlfriends instead 🙂


  3. Annie

    Come back to Nashville, bring Ryan and Marci, stay wit us and we will show you a great time!!

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