I Think We’re Too Old For This Stuff…

Atlantic City was so much fun!!! But I’m really feeling our late night today… Going to bed at 5am is not something my body can do. College is long gone and this past weekend I realized this. Also, a lot of people we met were 21… When they would ask how old I was (24) they would be like, WOAH. You don’t look that old…  Thank you for making me feel old!!

PS – My friend Jackie won $3,000 on a slot machine while we were there too!!! It was so funny because she sat down just to waste time before dinner and for a photo-op! We were so excited!

I did run with my Jackie Saturday morning before we left for Atlantic City! Aren’t you proud!? I ran in my new shoes and loved them!!! We ran 3.64 miles around her neighborhood. I really do love suburban life 🙂

I’m definitely NOT running today. Must rest. Tomorrow a bunch of my friends and I are running in the AHA Wall Street 3 mile run. It’s suppose to rain… of course! But I’m crossing my fingers the weather people are wrong!


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One response to “I Think We’re Too Old For This Stuff…

  1. Elena

    And Atlantic City wins again…such a good time…I miss you girls already, I am very excited for MDW!!

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