Two Things

Two things:

1) I wrote out my Marathon Training Plan and I’m super excited to put it on my calendar and start it up come June 1st!

2) I’ve noticed that since I started running my clothes fit differently. Not in a good or a bad way, just differently. Though I haven’t lost or gained much weight different parts of me have toned up. Some items of clothing that used to be a little loose in one area are now snug or vice-versa. It’s very strange.

PS – It’s humid today which makes a very grumpy. 

PPS – Me and some of my friends have begun looking for a four bedroom apartment in Manhattan… And I thought Physics was hard. (You’ll get more updates about this)

One more – sorry.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACY!!!! I hope you’re having a wonderful day and eating tons of cupcakes!!!



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2 responses to “Two Things

  1. I’m excited to see your plan!

  2. Elena

    Cheers to apartment hunting woo woo!!

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