Gaga and Central Park

Did you know that Lady Gaga is having a free concert tomorrow in Central Park? I didn’t until I went running in Central Park and saw them setting up and all the crazies waiting in line…

It was pretty hot out and a lot more difficult to run. Those four miles were tough. I did wear my new shoes 🙂

Also. I bought a pair of 26.2 shorts. A lot of other blogs I read highly recommend and love them. BUT. The shorts don’t have a pocket! WHAATTTT. You make running shorts and don’t have a pocket for a key?? Ummm…. Not a fan. Notice in the above picture I had to tie my key to my left shoe… Plus side: They were comfy and lightweight. Great for the hot humid weather.



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4 responses to “Gaga and Central Park

  1. Cathy Goddard

    I love Saucony shoes! I wore them in both marathons I was in back in 1996. Sorry for the humidity you’re having. We are continuing to have rain, cold, rain, cold, rain, cold…..we had 3 nice days with sun last week – hit 75 degrees one day – no one knew how to act!!! So much smiling!!! That’s all gone now – next 10 days – RAIN! 50 DEGREES!! No summer here til July 5th!!!

  2. Ryan

    So we going to the Gaga concert?

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