I’m Already Breaking My Schedule

My 5 mile run was completed last night. I know, that’s not what my training plan says. But this upcoming week is going to be busy/crazy so I’m mixing it up a little bit so I can get all my runs in.

I felt great running on the treadmill and I didn’t get bored. Since the weather has cooled off here the gym wasn’t horrible either so I was a happy camper. I even had time to watch Part 1: Reunion of The Real Housewives of Orange County… I know.. But it’s just too ridiculous!!!

Oh, and I have another race this weekend! When I signed up it was called the NYRR 5-Mile Father’s Day Run, now, for some reason it’s called the Portugal Run??? I have no idea why… But I’ll be running the race for my Dad. He’s in Oregon so we won’t be able to celebrate Father’s Day together.

Race photos from the NYRR 10K Mini below!!!

I’m still pale as ever…


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