It Feels Like Today Should be Friday…

It was a beautiful day in the City yesterday so I just had to run after work (it was also on the schedule, so I really did have to run). I ran the 6 mile loop and tacked on another mile at the end to complete my 7 miler for the week. Though it was pretty hot out and I had to battle Death Mountain, I had a great run and felt great afterwards!

I’m going to run four miles on Friday and then I have the Father’s Day/Portugal Run on Sunday! The race is five miles and I’m hoping to run another four miles afterwards to create my long run for the week. Lots of running going on here. and lots more to come

I’m also hoping to finally upload my Marathon Training Plan this weekend… I’ve created a tab (look up on the top of the screen) so that’s where you will be able to keep track of my training.

It also feels like today should be Friday… Anyone else???? yes? no?



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2 responses to “It Feels Like Today Should be Friday…

  1. Sarah

    wait…it’s not really friday??
    Thanks for raining on my parade 😦
    but on a good note- 16 days until your cool pool party!!!

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