It’s here!!! Friday has finally arrived!!! As you can tell  I’m pretty excited. 

Tonight I have date night with Ryan. Guess what we’re going to have??? SUSHI. Surprised??? I’m not, and I can’t wait. I love it so much!

Sometime between 5pm and massive amounts of sushi intake I have to run my four miles… Oh, and I also have puppy duty after work while Ryan goes apartment hunting with some of his friends. Can the puppy run four miles? Will it take way too long with her? If I move my run until tomorrow will my legs be tired on Sunday for the race/long run? I don’t know. I guess I’ll have to be flexible and just see what happens. Too bad I’m like Super Planner Woman (minus the cape).

On another note: The Oregon countdown has begun!!!!! 14 Days!!!!




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3 responses to “Friday

  1. Cathy Goddard

    No offense, Bailey, but I think your legs are just way too short to run 4 miles without a lot of stopping/resting. You could do some light jogging and walking and go the 4-mile ‘distance’ but that might be frustrating to you, Catie. I would vote a nice long walk with Bailey tonight; then, your 4-mile run tomorrow morning. I definitely think you need a cape! You are nothing short of Wonder Woman. I will add that to my shopping list!! Have a great weekend!! I’m taking my little 4-1/2 yr old, Liam, to Hood River to ride on a full-size Thomas the Train tomorrow morning. It’s a surprise for him – I’ll send you some pictures!

  2. Sarah

    BAHAHA that picture!!! I love it! that’s the face I’m going to make when I see you. I’m really hoping one of your coworkers walked in on you taking that though…. nothing like a perfect awkward moment 🙂

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