Balancing Act

I ran four miles today! I’m actually pretty surprised I ran today. I’m super tired and I have the race tomorrow. But I think I’ll be okay. My legs are feeling pretty good. It makes me happy that I can still train and do fun stuff. I don’t want to just be running all the time with no social life. It’s a tough balance but I think I may be getting better at this balancing act 🙂

This morning Ryan and I enjoyed the nice weather and walked around his neighborhood. As we were walking we ran into a street fair that was HUGE. We had just eaten a late breakfast so we didn’t get anything to eat but we  drooled over all the great food. We then headed over to the dog park so Bailey could have a little fun.

Now I’m off to get an early night’s sleep for my 5am alarm and 8am race! I still have to pick up my race packet in the morning! 


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