Cheers to the best Dad there is! Happy Father’s Day!

To the man who never doubts me. Who always says I can do anything I want (as long as I work hard and put my mind to it.)

He taught me so much about life  and I’m sure there is much more to come!

Oh, and he’s pretty stylish too~

Dad – I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day! I will be seeing you very soon!!! XOXO

And as my Dad says, “Life’s a banquet and most people are starving.”  


Race Update: 5 mile Portugal/ Father’s Day Race: 39:13 – Pace 7:51

It was pretty hot out and I think I should have eaten more for breakfast… I’m happy with my time but I know I could have done better. I’m off to take a nap! I’m tired!


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