Monday = Rest Day = Happiness

Happy Monday! I’m tired so I don’t know if I would say happy Monday… so… Monday! How’s that?

Here’s some pictures from this weekend’s race:

Yes, I’m in my office… on a Sunday. But I just have to walk across the street to Central Park where the race was!

It was literally 10 guys to every 1 woman… This was a points race for the Men’s Teams in NYC and also was the “Father’s Day Run” so there were hardly any women… This is probably why I got 13th in my age group. (Any single girl out there should make a note and sign up for this race next year.)

Many people thought the weather was perfect out… Yes, I agree for a picnic and lounging in the park. I was dying from the heat. I didn’t stop for water during the race but did run through this sprinkler thing they had set up. That was a life saver. I don’t know, I’m happy I ran the race but I think I was just tired as a whole. I had just raced the weekend before. I’m glad I don’t have another race for a while. I’m almost done with my 9 +1 !!!

I have tonight off which I’m excited about. My legs need a break!


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One response to “Monday = Rest Day = Happiness

  1. Sarah

    WOW!! good job Catie! I’m so proud of you!! 13th in your age group…that’s AMAZING!!!

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