Last night I didn’t run I did Music Flow Yoga at Exhale Mind Body Spa. It’s this wonderful place where they teach all different types of yoga and core fusion classes. Oh and it’s right by my office! Exhale is super expensive but I bought two coupon type things on a website (Lifebooker.com) so I only paid $9 per class (limit 2 per person, darn!). However, I now want to join!! It’s so nice there and they have so many classes! AND this is perfect for cross training!

The Music Flow Yoga class was really hard. REALLY hard. But I loved it. The teacher was great and the class size wasn’t huge. My arms are really sore today, but I see that as a good thing. 🙂 Usually it’s my legs!

I’m hoping to run today after work but it’s suppose to be 100 degrees… So we’ll see what happens. I’d like to run between 6 and 8 miles. October is only three months away!

PS – Yesterday I received some lovely things from my parents… from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!! Oh my gosh I’m in love! The clothes are just perfect! Anyone else just love this year’s stuff???


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3 responses to “Exhale

  1. Sarah

    OH MY GOSH CATIE!! you got some wonderful stuff from the Anniversary sale this year 🙂 Your mom showed me your last shipment she picked up on Sunday, and there’s definitely some goodies… You have a great Momma!
    We missed you this year at the pre-sale 😦 Chloe and I got an incredibly CUTE pair of Nine West Suede Wedges that are beyond comfortable, I’m on day two of wearing them and it doesn’t even feel like I need to break them in. Let me know if you want a pair- we can be triplets!

  2. Sarah

    I almost sent you a pic- I’ll do it tonight!

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