Core Fusion Cardio-1; Catie-0

Last night I wore my new Nike running shorts. Do you think the white shorts make my legs look tan???

So I was ready to run my six miles, had my new snazzy Nike shorts on… Got on the treadmill and started running. And… my legs started YELLING at me! I only got two miles in. Core Fusion Cardio really kicked my butt. My muscles were really sore. After my tough two miler I stretched like crazy with the hopes of being ready for today’s run.

Lexi the cat decided she was going to stretch with me too!

I’m still pretty sore this morning. They say day two is the worst. 😦 I’m really hoping to run tonight but I won’t be getting home until late so we’ll see what happens. Life just gets in the way of training sometimes, doesn’t it!?

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