Morning Run & a Blueberry Bagel

This morning I woke up at 6:15am and headed to the gym for my recovery run. My body did not want to move but after about two miles I felt pretty good. I ran at a slower pace than normal (9:40 mins per mile) and watched the news. I haven’t really been keeping up with current events so I thought there’s no better time to start then while running four miles… Our world is not doing too hot right now…

Tomorrow I’m hoping to run eight miles but the only time I would be able to run would be in the morning… hmmm that could be difficult. 5am…. Do I really want to wake up that early???

In other news: This morning I had a blueberry bagel from Dean & Deluca and it was heavenly. I highly recommend it. I just got it toasted with butter.

This post was pretty exciting, huh?

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One response to “Morning Run & a Blueberry Bagel

  1. Dad

    Yep, Sweetheart, the world’s not been doing well for a while now… thanks for appreciating how much your parents love you. And, some time try Dean & Deluca’s Lobster Mac & Cheese (chunks of sweet Maine lobster, pasta and creamy mascarpone-Cheddar sauce topped with a crunchy crust of panko bread crumbs, herb butter, lemon zest and Parmesan cheese…) with a great, chilled Riesling and let me know if it’s as good as Cafe Castagna’s. Love, Dad

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