Central Park, I missed you

I didn’t realize how much I love running in Central Park until last night.

Recently I had been enjoying running at gym – out of the heat and humidity. And right around the corner from my apartment.

However, last night the weather was just too perfect not to run outside. So I walked to Central Park from my apartment (around .60 miles) and then ran the 6 mile loop (Death Mountain included) and continued my run back to my apartment. I totaled seven miles and was extremely happy. 

Before stepping outside to run – I had, had a full work day and then went and took the puppy out and played with her… Needless to say the last thing I wanted to do was go and run eight miles. I was just tired.

But I talked to my roommate Danielle and she gave me a pep talk and we decided I should just go run and see how I feel. Getting two or three miles in is way better that none. And to my surprise I was able to run seven! And the only reason I didn’t push to eight miles was because it was getting dark and I didn’t want to get lost (or get bug bites)… I haven’t been living there that long! 

All and all I’m very happy that I pushed myself and ran. I had fun running and was so happy to be back in the park.

I’m pretty tired from this week and I can’t wait to sleep in tomorrow… Oh, and run 18 miles on Sunday!

To those people who were wondering – the photo from yesterday of me and Danielle is from our Senior year at Marist. We were just climbing out of our friends window… no big deal 🙂

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