Mid-Week Update

I’ve got off to a great start last night with a 5 mile run on the treadmill. I felt pretty good during the run, minus the odd stomach ache type feeling I had… I think it was something I ate at lunch. Not fun but felt good after the run was over.

Tonight my plan is to run ten miles. I signed up to run with a running group based out of the store The Running Company. I’m kinda nervous. I hope they’re nice! haha I feel like it might be like the first day at a new school.

I’m also really trying to put in the effort to cross-training more often. With so many classes at New York Sports Club there is no way I can’t. Last Sunday I took a yoga class and tomorrow morning I’m going to my first spinning class. I’ve never really been that great on a bike but so many people rave about spinning classes that I just have to try it out. And the class is free with my membership so why not?!

Can you believe it’s already Wednesday! yikes. One day closer to my next long run!


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2 responses to “Mid-Week Update

  1. Cathy Goddard

    Are you running long runs every weekend?

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