I’m in love

Holy Moly I love Spinning! I now know why everyone is obsessed with taking spin classes! They are so fun and such a great workout! The music pumps you up and you just pedal and pedal. 

Okay, I got a little ahead of myself…

Last night I went on a 5 mile (ten miles didn’t happen) group run with The Running Company. It was really fun and everyone was super nice.

So far with my training I’ve been a little anti-social. I truly love running by myself. But I decided I needed to branch out and meet other people who like running as much as I do. (I think Ryan (boyfriend) is a little tired of me rambling on and on about my training.) Well, I found my fellow running-obsessive friends and they meet three times a week! I’ll be going back next Wednesday night 🙂

Back to Spin Class – Then this morning I went to spin class at 6:30am. Like you all know, I was kind of nervous about going. I even bought those padded bike shorts because I read that some people could hardly walk after their first class… I’ve also had a horrible past with bikes – running into fences, falling off, crashing my bike… I’m just not great on a bike.

But I’d heard so much great stuff about spinning (and the bike is stationary) so I thought I could do it. And I did! And loved it.

When I arrived I told the instructor that this was my first time and she taught me a little about the bike and how to adjust the seat. The girl next to me was really nice and helped me too. All in all my first spin class was a success and I think I’m going to make Thursday mornings my spin class morning.

I know this post is super happy and all excited… The endorphins from this morning must still be in my system…



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2 responses to “I’m in love

  1. Ryan Smith

    Awesome job hun!

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