Avoiding Burnout

Yesterday I was suppose to run ten miles. My legs wouldn’t have it. They were still tired from last week and my 17 mile run on Saturday. I ran for two miles and then did the spin bike for ten minutes. I also have been neglecting weight training so I did 50 push ups with ab exercises as a break between the sets of push ups.

After the gym I slipped on my recovery socks and slept in them too to try and help. My legs do feel better today so maybe I’ll keep wearing the socks at night and when I sleep.

I also need to be ready for Saturday’s run. So this week, to avoid the dreaded BURNOUT I’m scaling back. I’ll be on the ellipical machine, maybe run 2 – 3 miles, do some weight training…

I just want and need my legs to be fresh and ready for Saturday. If they are tired there is no way on earth I’ll be able to complete 20 miles. So that’s my plan.

Also! Exciting news! Kristen my Running Buddy from Nashville is coming to New York! Tomorrow! And staying with me and my roommate! We are going to have so much fun. I can’t wait!!! 


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  1. annie

    Catie hello from KY, Nashville, where the weather is great! Please keep safe, this going to be a very bad storm, the city can be dangerous with winds that high, stay inside or get out of the city!

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