Monster Month

Runner’s World magazine had this awesome article that I just had to tell you all about. Did you know that September is MONSTER MONTH for me??? Yeah, I didn’t know this either…

Apparently, if you’re running a 1/2 marathon or full marathon in the fall, most likely September is going to be your most difficult month of training. aka – Your Monster Month.

I thought the article was super helpful so I’ve broken down some of my favorite points for you:

1) Don’t Over Train: Listen to your body. If it yells at you to stop. Stop. This month will be your highest mileage so you’ll be walking a fine line… You don’t want to get injured.

2) Treat your Feet: Wear the right shoes! Go and get the right shoes for you. I went and had my stride analyzed. It made all the difference in the world! Paying $100 for shoes that won’t make your knees/back/shins/etc. hurt are worth it!

3) Do a Dress Rehearsal: Treat one of your long runs as the day of the race. Wake up early, eat the breakfast you plan to eat, wear the clothes you plan to wear. Try to simulate everything so you’re ready for race day. This will also help you be less nervous and work out any kinks.

4) Cross out Cross-Training: SAD. I didn’t know this… The last month before your race you should only be running. Because of the high mileage you’ll be running more exercise, like cross-training won’t help – you’ll just be more prone to injury. No spinning class for me… 😦

5) Boost your Immunity: Fruits and vegetables!!! Eat lots of them. This is the worst month to eat sick in your training. Sleep lots, and eat healthy.

6) Live in the Present: To stay motivated concentrate on each training day not the whole month. You’ll get too overwhelmed. After each training run you should be proud. You’re just one step closer to the finish line.

There’s more advice in the article and I really recommend reading it! I feel less nervous and scared about the race now!

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