Central Park is my Track

This morning I ran 20 miles. I could have run to New Jersey. I wouldn’t be able to make it back but I could have run there… This morning I stuck to what I know. Central Park. I ran the 5 mile loop 4 times. I told myself it’s like the track my high school had. Four laps equals a mile (or 5, but whatever, mind over matter!).  All I had to do was run the loop four times and I was done. Piece of cake. (Cake sounds really good right now) 

It took about three miles for my legs to warm up and then I was good to go. I started off pretty slow. I think I was almost at a ten minute pace and gradually got up to 8:25 per mile and then slowed it down again at the end. The last two miles of this run were the hardest. 

My legs right now are pretty dead but I feel way more better than I did two weeks ago when I ran 17 miles. Seeing improvement is a big confidence booster!

Now, it’s time to stretch, hydrate, eat and maybe take a nap!

Happy Labor Day weekend!!! And GO DUCKS!!!!


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4 responses to “Central Park is my Track

  1. AWESOME….especially the part about it feeling better than the previous 17! You are a rockstar. I am jealous you get to run in central park….can I come run with you someday?

  2. good job! I can’t wait till I can run that long 🙂 I love the pic of you in your blog banner 🙂

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