After my 20 Miles

After my 20 miler, eating lunch, and waiting for the cable/internet guy to come to our apartment and  install stuff I wasn’t feeling too tired so I decided to treat myself to a leisurely walk to Dean and Deluca for a little snack. I had just gotten the new Runner’s World magazine so I brought that along to read. 

While I was there I picked up some great stuff for Saturday night dinner. Ryan and Bailey the puppy were coming over to watch the Oregon game so I thought a nice spread was needed.

Before dinner and the game, we took a trip to Central Park. It was Bailey’s first time! We’re going to have to go a lot more often. She has so much more exploring to do!

She was a happy camper! She was also sporting her Oregon gear!

After our walk and adventures in Central Park it was game time and dinner time!

And Bailey nap time…

Sunday was spent lounging around and that night Ryan and his roommates had a little party and some other people from our college came over. It was really fun!

Monday we went to the Yankee game.

It was really fun and kept me entertained. Since it was a high scoring game there was action on the field so I didn’t get bored.

So, that was my weekend in a nut shell. And yes, I am tired today. And my legs are still sore from Saturday. Thanks for asking 🙂

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