Stomach, Reading, Winner

The past two days I’ve felt a little off… My stomach has not been feeling too great so I haven’t run since Saturday. Which is okay, since my body does need time to recover. I’m hoping to feel better by tonight since I have my running group. I really want to run tonight. So everyone cross their fingers that I’m all better and not really sick. 

I just started The Help. Super good. Love it. Even though we just got cable and internet installed I haven’t been using either. I just read. I know I’m probably the last person to read The Help, but if you haven’t, go buy it!

A bowl of peaches makes for a wonderful reading snack.

And now… For what you all have been waiting for!!!! 

The Giveaway winner is….

Sarah!!!! picked you as the winner!! Hooray! Congrats! E-mail me  your address 🙂

– Has anyone else read The Help??? Did you like it??

– What’s your workout tonight??


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One response to “Stomach, Reading, Winner

  1. Sarah

    YAAAAY YAAAAY YAAAY!!! i never win!!!

    ps- i absolutely LOVED The Help- it’s definitely one of those books you can read in 3 days

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