My First Speed Session

Last night’s speed session was super difficult. I was the slowest person. But I loved it.

I have never sprinted in my life. Sure, at the end of a race I speed up to finish, but I’ve never been like tonight I’m doing sprints.

Last night our running group did 4 X 600s in Central Park. This means we ran 600 meters fast four times. We did get a two-minute break between each was the best thing ever. In total we ran about 5 1/2 miles. Two mile warm up, 4 X 600s and a two-mile cool down.

I’m going to go back next Monday. Everyone said it gets easier and is a great way to mix up my training. 

If you’ve ever thought about joining a running group and haven’t done so yet I highly advise going or signing up! I was nervous the first time I went but everyone was so nice and welcoming. Running with a group will push you to go faster and run farther. And learn new things! —>  4 X 600s for me! So far I’ve met some really nice people and we get snacks at the end of every run. 🙂 Which makes me a happy girl.

PS – I miss spin class


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