More Free Time


When you run in the morning you get to do fun, spur of the moment stuff like having dinner with your boyfriend! 

We made a delicious pork roast with onions, peppers and potatoes. Amazingly good. Ryan is such a great cook… I told him that he should just make our dinners from now on. My job can be watching HGTV 🙂

Tonight I think I’m going to do a light workout… Maybe a little three mile run or hop on the elliptical? I’m not sure. I want my legs to be all happy and ready for the 18 miler on Sunday.

I also got to see this little one which is always fun. What a cutie!

Anyone else love watching HGTV???? Are Ryan and I the only ones obsessed???




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2 responses to “More Free Time

  1. Good Luck on your 18 miler on Sunday!!!

  2. Ryan

    Man dinner was good!

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