Perfect date night

Last night was the perfect “date night”. Ryan treated me to dinner out as a congratulations you’ve made it to marathon weekend!!! Did I tell you he’s coming to Oregon too???? So exciting!

We walked around my neighborhood, had beer, burgers and fries at a little pub, stopped at the grocery store for sundae supplies, and then watched the Yankees finally beat the Tigers.

To combat our unbelievably good dinner and ice cream sundaes last night – I need to try to eat a little healthier!

I had this with breakfast this morning. I love it. It’s super tasty and super good for you. One problem. It’s about $4 a bottle…

I have a little baby run tonight – 2 miles!

Happy Friday! Well… It’s Friday for me! I’m off to Oregon tomorrow!! I’m sorry it’s only Wednesday for the rest of the world…


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One response to “Perfect date night

  1. Sarah

    I’m so excited to see you guys 🙂

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