So Now What?

Now what? I ran the Portland Marathon. I finished! So now what?
Well, I want to continue running and racing. My next “big” race will be the Red Rock Half-Marathon in March. After that I’m not sure. The only other race right now on the horizon is the New York City Marathon in 2012. I also like the idea of running the Portland Marathon every other year… Not sure if that will happen but I like the idea and I get to go home and see my family. It’s a win-win.

I’ve also created a list of some other races I would like to run:

– Big Sur Marathon
– St. George Marathon
– Las Vegas Marathon/Half-Marathon

I’ll also probably sign up for some New York Road Runner races that are held in Central Park. Those races are shorter distances and super fun.

Right now I’m just going to continue running, try to have more of a social life now that marathon training is done and get back to spin class!

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One response to “So Now What?

  1. I think the Las Vegas Half or Full will make its way to my race calendar at some point. Congratulations again on running the Portland Marathon!

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