Run, Cook, Spin

I have no idea how people take pictures of themselves while running. This was my third try…. and the best one. How do they do it!? 

Last night I ran 5 miles in Central Park and it was great! Perfect fall weather and no music. Just me, the park and my fellow runners. It was super relaxing and it felt great to be back running outside.

My legs felt a little tired going up some of the hills but I think they just got used to walking around and running on the treadmill after the marathon. I kinda missed being sore. Totally weird. I know.

After my run and was craving those paninis Ryan and I had made the other night. So made them again! With spinach! 

You may be wondering what those wormy looking things are… Well. PopChips were SOLD OUT at the grocery store by me so I bought these, they’re called Smart Fries. 

They are delicious!! Add this to my list of addicting chip-like foods. YUM. I bought the classic sea salt flavor but they have all different flavors. So good!

This morning I went to spin class and the teacher had called out sick. Whhhattttt!!! We were all there ready to spin our lives away. Most of the people left, but six of us stayed, turned on some great music and made up our own class. Totally fun! And I got a great workout in 🙂 Since I didn’t get to have an instructor yelling at me to pedal faster and harder this morning, I signed up for tomorrow morning’s class. I’ve never been to a Friday morning class so I’m crossing my fingers that the instructor is awesome.

This week flew by! I can’t believe it’s already Halloween weekend! Yikes!


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2 responses to “Run, Cook, Spin

  1. Elena

    Best Weekend Ever!! So excited for all of our fun activities planned on Saturday!

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