And Monday just kept on getting better…

My boss and I went to the World Marathon Majors press conference yesterday afternoon! The NYC Marathon fun didn’t stop!

Emmanuel Mutai of Kenya and Liliya Shobukhova of Russia were the champions of the 2010–2011 World Marathon Majors series, and both were presented $500,000! click here  for more info

Both speeches were very uplifting and motivational. They were both very grateful for all the support the running community gives elite runners and they couldn’t wait to spend their winnings haha (Mutai actually said that!)

Watching the marathon and going to different events (Runners World Party, Frozen yogurt with Janae, Crumbs with Janae and Sarah) made me so excited about running next year and just love the sport of running even more. Once I get over this cold/chest congestion thing (???) I can’t wait to start training again. I would love to set a PR at the Red Rock half!

PS – I’m famous!



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3 responses to “And Monday just kept on getting better…

  1. YOU WILL GET YOUR PR!!! Girl, you are so lucky that the marathon party is continuing for you:) NYCM together next year…..pretty please:)

  2. love your blog! way to go running the NYC marathon. I’m hoping to do it next year!!

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