The hardest part is getting out the door

Being sick and not being able to run, let alone workout, is pretty horrible. I go to bed with good intentions of waking up early and hitting the treadmill, but when the alarm goes off at 6am my body won’t let me get up. This morning I could hardly speak! 
However. Once I’m up and start moving (and drinking coffee) I feel better… This morning I made a mental note while waiting for my coffee to brew that I NEED TO REMEMBER THIS. 

The hardest part is getting out the door. And that is what’s happening to me. If don’t feel 100% I go back to sleep. Not good. Working out will get my blood pumping and I will feel better! And it’s not like I’m going to workout like crazy – I don’t want to get worse!

Anyway – On a fun note, I have my FIRST spinning class date tomorrow night! With my new friend Heather! I met her through Janae and the blogger meet-ups we went to! I love meeting new fun people who also love to run and workout!

Crumbs meet-up after the marathon!

Erin, Heather, and me after Crumbs

photo taken by the lovely Janae 

Want more about the blogger meet-ups and to see ME on ANOTHER super famous blog???? Click here!!!






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15 responses to “The hardest part is getting out the door

  1. I need to start being as dedicated as you are on your worst days 😉

  2. heather o'fee

    Yay for our spinning date! It is just the beginning!!

    I am just as pumped as you to have been featured on BOTH their blogs. We are basically celebs now, right?

  3. Have a great time at spin class!

  4. Crissy

    I met a celebrity over the weekend! Feel better, Catie. Yes, working out will make you feel better but you also should take care of yourself and make sure you are getting enough rest. Ok, I’ll stop sounding like a mom…

  5. BAHAHAHAHA….you two are hilarious. I could not agree more with you and how hard it is to just get out the door…once you get moving, things feel great! I wish I could come to spin with you!

  6. Crissy

    Hey Catie, I’d love to do that 5 mile race in Central Park! Are you still running it?

  7. Cathy Goddard

    Who is Janae??? Why/How is she famous????? I’ve been sick with a bad cold for a week, too. I hate it!! It’s been going around my office for a month.
    Yuck!! Feel all better soon!

  8. artificiallybalanced

    I wanna come to a spinning class with you two!!! Let me know when/where?? If i’m invited?? haha We have to get together and involve working out and froyo.. 🙂

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