Spinning Back to Health? i hope

Spin class was awesome last night. 

But really hard. Why??? Because of two things: 1) Couldn’t really breath because of my cold (I’m feeling pretty good today, though); 2) My legs haven’t been “really” exercising for about two weeks. I haven’t run at all this week! yikes! My legs really felt it last night.

Though it was super difficult I felt great afterwards. It was also nice to have a new friend to workout with! It makes exercising that much better 🙂

My Brooks Pure Cadence shoes work well with the spin bike because they are light weight and not as bulky as my other running shoes. If you don’t want/ don’t have the funds to buy bike shoes, minimalist shoes like the Brooks Pure Cadence work great for spin class and running shorter distances/races.

My dinner last night was oatmeal with bananas and granola, and my favorite green juice by NAKED JUICE. After reading that article yesterday I thought, why not practice what you preach!? So I did. And it hit the spot after my class and walking in the cold back to my apartment. I need to start eating breakfast for dinner more often!

Do you eat breakfast for dinner??? Pancakes for dinner might have to happen this weekend!

Anyone else try out the new line of Brooks minimalist shoes?? I love mine!



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4 responses to “Spinning Back to Health? i hope

  1. Heather O

    YAY!! That was so fun. And don’t worry, tried to sign up for that class on sat, and it booked up at 530am YESTERDAY!! I guess for the Sat classes, you can book starting Thursday. Sheesh

    I agree with you on bfast for dinner. You forget how amazing it is till you do it!


  2. I haven’t tried the new Brooks shoes yet but I hear nothing but good things in the blogging world so I may have to give them a try next spring.

    Hope you are having a good weekend!

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