Weekend in NYC

This weekend was so much fun. And no… I didn’t run once… oops.

Sushi date night on Friday night was pretty darn amazing. We ate so much we couldn’t even eat dessert! That’s a first for me.

Saturday, Ryan went hiking so I got to hangout with this cutie:

And then Saturday night we celebrated my friend Elena’s (on the right) 25th birthday! 

We all had a blast and it was great to get together with friends from college.

Sunday was a lazy, relaxing day. Brunch, window shopping and walking around Central Park with my friend Jackie (far left in photo above). 

And now its Monday. My goal for this week is to run at least twice and to go to two spinning classes. I think that’s a good goal.




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4 responses to “Weekend in NYC

  1. Once again I am obsessed with your outfit!! So much sushi you couldn’t eat dessert….WOW;) You’ve got your goals this week!

  2. Elena

    I feel so honored…thanks again for making my birthday so special…love you xoxo

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