26.2 & Getting this weeks goals

How cute is this workout top!? My friend Sarah sent it to me for my Birthday!

I wore it to spin class last night and loved it. I have a pair of shorts and a tank top from 26.2 Apparel but this tee might have them beat. It’s SOOO soft and comfy.

Spin class: Last night was the hardest spin class I’ve ever been to. EVER. I went with my friend Jackie and we both agreed that it was super hard. Super difficult for us = AWESOME! My legs are still feeling it today! 

Tonight I’m crossing my fingers that I can get a run in! Training and being social is hard. I really want to make my goal of running twice and going to spin class twice! One spin class down… three more workouts to cross off the list!



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4 responses to “26.2 & Getting this weeks goals

  1. Great color on you! What made your SPIN class super awesome?! As an instructor, I love picking brains!! 🙂

    • The class was so good because the teacher just kept on pushing us. Once we started there was so real down time. It was hill interval after hill interval. She also let us know how long each set was going to be – 3 minutes, 5 minutes which helped. I like knowing there is an end when my legs feel like they are about to fall off. It was awesome!

  2. Sarah

    I’m glad you like that top 🙂 it’s so soft I almost didn’t mail it to you… I wanted to take a nap with it as my blanket!
    Ps- I agree with blonde ponytail, such a cute color on you!

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