3 out of 4

My goal of two spin classes this week is complete!!!

I need to get one more run in and I’ll have completed my goals for this week! (I bet I can get two more runs in!) After meeting up with some friends last night for dinner I went to the gym to do my run. Even though I was a little full of delicious mexican food, I got a good three miles in and was so happy. Running and watching Sex and the City on E!… what could be better?! The time flew by. I love that I was able to have fun with my friends AND get my workout in. 

This morning I pulled myself out of bed and headed to spin class #2. Though my legs were a little tired the class was great. I always feel so energized afterwards.

One more thing: I’ve noticed that I will get out of bed in the morning to go to a class that I’ve signed up for 100% of the time but it’s 50/50 when I’m just going to run on the treadmill. Classes are just more motivating for me in the morning.

Do you take exercise classes? I love them! I work harder when I have an instructor yelling at me!

Are you a morning or evening workout person? Both… It really depends on my mood, what the exercise is, and if I’ve gotten enough sleep.



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3 responses to “3 out of 4

  1. artificiallybalanced

    Yay so glad you met your spinning goal! I have done Shred twice, ran once, have been in bed by or before 10:30 and applied to more jobs so I just have to Shred once more and run twice more and i’ll have achieved my mini goals for the week 🙂 yay! Where are you taking spin? I’m dying to try it!

    I LOVE exercise classes! I was taking kickboxing and zumba all summer and had such a blast. I am definitely a morning workout person in terms of running and lifting, but i don’t mind evening workout classes! I think if i had someone to meet me for runs after work I would be more motivated too.

  2. I agree. Going to a gym is motivating. I’ve been spinning for about 7 weeks and I am loving it. I also do something called Crossfit, its a series of different exercises. Keep up the good work.

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