Hoda and Cornbread

Guess who I saw running in Central Park Saturday morning????

Hoda Kotb! My first ever celebrity sighting in Central Park! She’s a runner too, which is pretty cool.

After my 5 1/2 miler I had to quickly get ready for a full day of fun!

Ryan’s family came into the city to visit so we did some fun touristy stuff. We visited The Highline which was awesome!

The weather was perfect and the views were fabulous.

We then made our way to the Beer Garden which is under The Standard Hotel. I think the giant pretzel was my favorite 🙂

Sunday was a lazy/errand day for me. I also baked cornbread! My first baking attempt in my new apartment… I knoww…. Why wait so long to bake!? Well, our oven is really weird and I kind of hate it… But the cornbread turned out great and so did the chili!

The perfect Sunday dinner.

Lexi the cat and I watched Avator on Sunday. I had heard mixed reviews about the movie, but I liked it.

Have you ever seen a celebrity while running??? Hoda was my first sighting!

Have you seen Avator?? I thought it was pretty good.



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2 responses to “Hoda and Cornbread

  1. i love celeb sitings! i saw rachel bilson at LAX airport buying magazines in the same little shop i was in. she is so tiny! looked like a little kid.

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