And I didn’t burn anything!

Yesterday at work I received this cute little package from my parents for Thanksgiving. A Starbucks gift card and… in that wrapped box…

An INFLATABLE TURKEY!!! I just have to blow it up like a balloon and I’ll have my own turkey dinner ready to go… Only problem… It’s plastic. How funny is that?!

To prove that I am a good cook, and I can do more than blow up an inflatable turkey, Ryan and I made one of the most delicious meals I have ever made. (Thanks for finding the recipe and helping Ryan!)

Chicken breaded with stuffing, gravy and a side of cornbread. It was so good!!! And I didn’t burn anything! Oh, man… I wish we had left overs! Yesterday was such a great start to the Thanksgiving week… Just 1 1/2 more days of work!

Gym tonight!!! 4 mile run is a must. I gotta get ready for my 5 mile race in December!! I’m just crossing my fingers my knee/IT band doesn’t act up…



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5 responses to “And I didn’t burn anything!

  1. How sweet! I’ve never heard of a blow up turkey before!

  2. Oh my goodness a blow up turkey?! That is amazing! i’m surprised my parents didn’t do the same for me…I’m hopeless in the kitchen. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Starbucks gift card=love<33 Absolutely love your blog!!(:

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