Thanksgiving! yum.


One of the best long weekends I’ve had in a long time. Super relaxing and fun. Perfect weather in the mid-60s!

Because of the great weather we took a walk to the beach after eating dinner. Played some football and tried to skip rocks on the water. Some were more successful than others. Bailey loved the beach and all the sand!

The walk helped clear space for dessert. Since there was about eight different types to choose from we needed all the stomach space we could get…

After all that eating, relaxing and a little bit of Christmas shopping I needed to get a good run in. (Ryan and I did get a mile run in with some sprints at the end on Friday which made me happy. He wasn’t so thrilled…) Sunday I hit Central Park and did the 6 mile loop. Including Death Mountain. The weather was perfect and there were tons of people out so the time flew by. I didn’t bring my iPod. I think it’s best used at the gym when running on the treadmill can get super boring.

How was your Thanksgiving??? Awesome!!! Such great food and fun!!!

Anyone run any races??? I didn’t race this past weekend but I have a 5 miler this coming Sunday!


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  1. What a great Thanksgiving! The desserts look really yummy!

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