Look at that Bad Boy

I’m telling you. Panini’s and soup are the BEST fall/winter dinner.

I mean. Look at that bad boy… YUM.

Grilled to perfection. And the tomato soup. Super easy. There are like four ingredients! This is the blog I got the recipe from. She’s awesome and she lives in New York!

Tonight I’m going to my first ever Total Body Conditioning class with my friend Jackie! I’m pretty excited but nervous. My arms are not very strong at all and I’ve never really gone to a class with weights… I’m prepared to be sore tomorrow!

Remember how I talked about loving BIC Bands??? Well, SkinnyRunner is having a giveaway!!! Click here to enter!



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12 responses to “Look at that Bad Boy

  1. I did weights on Monday and I STILL can’t walk properly. I’m in so much pain!! Do you go to NYSC? I occasionally go to the Cardio Pump class that also kicks my butt.

  2. That does look delicious! Though I’ve never been the biggest fan of tomato soup – I would probably go for something more along the lines of a leek and potato soup.

  3. Crissy

    Hi Catie! I lost your blog but I’m back on now! I’m sorry I am not doing the run on Sunday, it looks like it is full now. I’ll have to register for one at a later date. Soup and panini look fantastic!

    • I’m going to try and sign-up for the NYRR half marathon that’s in January. Sign-ups open at 12pm today! Register for that one!!

      • Crissy

        ack! I didn’t know. Let me check. I’m going to “try” and get into the one in March. I figure $5 is worth the gamble.

      • Crissy

        I signed up last night for the January NYRR half marathon! Yippee! We’ll have to meet up afterward…I am much slower than you. One of my colleagues is also running it and he is about my pace.

      • Yes! I’m so happy you signed up!!! We will for sure meet up afterwards!!!

  4. thanks for the shoutout girly.

  5. I’m craving tomato soup and grilled cheese after reading this!

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