Another GREAT workout in the books last night! And I came up with it myself! 5 mins, no incline; 5 mins, 1% incline; 5 minsn 2% incline; 5 minsn 1% incline; the rest of the 3 miles (about 800 meters) no incline. Total time: 26:35

Changing the incline every 5 minutes helped to keep me focused and not get bored. It was also pretty difficult and I know it will help me concur the hills in Central Park during the Manhattan Half as well as when I run the Red Rock Half Marathon in March. If you get bored on the treadmill easily try changing the incline! I’m telling you – the time passes quickly when working in 5 minute increments and your body gets an awesome workout!

PS – Seven more days until I’m home for Christmas!!!!!

How cute is my white sparkly BicBand!?


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3 responses to “Seven

  1. Crissy

    I love counting down to the Christmas holiday! Ok, I am going to buy me some BICBAnds right now! So cute. Could you tell me which size you have?

    I like this workout. I think I will try it tomorrow morning.

    • Chrissy! You will love them!!! I think I’m wearing the skinny one in the photo. I have all sizes (thickness of band) and love them all. I think my all time favorite is my thin animal print one!

  2. Oh gosh, I’m totally counting down too. I can’t WAIT to go home. I leave on Saturday and I’m finding it extremely difficult to concentrate at work…

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