Happy New Year’s Eve – late…

I started writing this post two days ago and then life and having friends got in the way… So here it is… two days late 🙂 And with new additions from the weekend!

I thought I’d be a little more fancy for my New Year’s Eve 6 miler with my friend on Saturday morning. How awesome/fun are those leggings??? And thanks to my parents my ears will be warm too! I love my new ear warmer thing… (what are they called? Or is that it?) In the end I didn’t need the ear warmer thing because it was 50 degrees outside! Awesome!

Have you ever tried this little nutrition bar??? It’s called the Will Bar and I first heard about it at the Portland Marathon expo. The guy that invented/made them was there and Kristen (running buddy from Nashville) and I met him and he told us all about it. They are super tasty (if you like peanut butter) and good for you! I ate one before my morning run and felt great!

Friday night I got some errands checked off the list and painted my nails in preparation for New Year’s Eve festivities! My dress is blue and has some gold detail so I thought this nail polish would go perfectly!

After our run and bagels – Ashley and I met up with my friends from home and after a quick shower headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Just making a wish in a fountain…

Hanging out in an Egyptain temple – no big deal

I don’t have any photos from New Year’s Eve yet… But it was a really fun night! Photos to come.

I’m now off to Central Park with my Oregon friends – Sean and Ford.

Maybe I’ll get a run in later???


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One response to “Happy New Year’s Eve – late…

  1. Crissy

    I love the tights! They look great! I got my first pair of running tights (plain black) for Christmas. I love them!

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