It’ll be like home

This week has been pretty uneventful. I don’t really have anything to report. I’ve just been working and working out. And that’s about it.  I’ve been in the “zone” with running though, which is awesome.  I’ve been to the gym every day this week and all my runs have felt great. Total Body Conditioning last night was awesome, as always.

I’m excited for the Manhattan Half on the January 21st. Hopefully it doesn’t rain or snow. The course is two laps of the 6 mile loop and a little bit more. I’m not that excited about it, but I will have an advantage since I’ve been running that loop for a year now. It’ll be like home 🙂

Anyone doing anything fun during the three day weekend??
I’m planning to see a lot of friends and get a solid long run in.

I’m also trying to plan a little trip to St. Maarten at the end of August. Has anyone been there??? Any recommendations???

Wouldn’t you love to be there right now?????



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2 responses to “It’ll be like home

  1. Your Dad in cold and cloudy Oregon

    Hmmmmm, let us all think: Do we want to be on an island of only 37 square miles, comprised of 2 nations with over 80 nationalities creating international sophistication; duty free bargains everywhere; Night Clubs for every taste; 12 casinos; known as the Caribbean gourmet island (St. Maarten/St. Martin is thought of as a culinary world leader with its restaurant selection); great beaches – from an active beach scene to remote stretches of sand and nude beaches; year around sunshine with an average August temperature of 83 degrees…. You betcha! When making reservations, Catie, don’t forget that extra bedroom for the parents that love you! XOXOX DAD

  2. Cathy Goddard

    And your loving aunt………who has to work on Monday – we don’t get Martin Luther King Day off. Me + Medifast = 21.4 lbs lost since Nov 25, 2011!!!
    I am, once again, the amazing shrinking woman!! Plus I’m working out at my gym. Plus I’m walking A LOT!! No running for this Girl’s knees……..Enjoy your long weekend! Keep up the good work!!

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