Three Day Weekend

This weekend was a blur. I need a vacation from my three day weekend.

I saw lots of friends over the weekend (went to bed too late) and got a good ten mile run in.

I ran Saturday morning  in Central Park- it was 16 degrees. My pace was about 9 minutes, so I’m hoping I can get that down to the 8:20’s on race day. I would really like to beat my previous half marathon time – 1:49:38…. That was an 8:22 pace…

I’m hoping it’s warmer next weekend for the Manhattan Half, but you never know with this weather in New York. During my run my hands were FREEZING. – yes, I know 16 degrees… they should be freezing… BUT the gloves I was wearing are by Mizuno and they should be really good! I think I paid around $30 for them! So hopefully I can find some before the race. Anyone have any recommendations??

That’s all for now. Not sure what I’m going to do tonight. Maybe the elliptical…



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4 responses to “Three Day Weekend

  1. Kevin

    Probably some Northface gloves would be good.

  2. Crissy

    Ha, ha! I went running in 16 degree weather too. (only 5 miles) My hands were FREEZING! I went out later that day and bought Under Armour ColdGear gloves. I’m going to pick up handwarmers too. When I got home I sat next to the radiator with my hands on top of it. My husband came down the stairs and said “Didn’t you go running at the gym?” When I responded “No, I did the loop around town” he replied “Are you crazy?” Yes, I most likely am…

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