In the interest of my safety…

So it’s really snowing.

The New York Road Runners statement about the race this morning: In the interest of safety, and in consultation with NYC Parks and Recreation, the Manhattan Half-Marathon on January 21 will be an unscored (non-competitive) event . All registered entrants who are members of NYRR will receive 9+1 qualifying credit toward their guaranteed entry requirements for the ING New York City Marathon 2013. You do not have to run the race to receive this credit. Runners should use caution in traveling to and from the event, and at all times before, during, and after your run, including dressing for the conditions. NYRR thanks you for your support of our events!

For my safety I chose not to run the race. There are two hills that would have been unsafe to run with the snow and I do not want to get injured. Part of me is really disappointed,but the other, more mature side of me is proud of me. I think this is the best decision for me. 

Because my friend Ashley and I were already awake for the race we’re going to go to the gym in a little bit and run. Still not sure how far, maybe ten miles, maybe 13.1!!!

Good luck to everyone running in races today! If it’s snowy be careful pleeasseeee! 🙂



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3 responses to “In the interest of my safety…

  1. My race got cancelled today and they are running it tomorrow but we will have to keep our own time so I’m just going to run on my own. Sorry you didn’t get to run today either!

  2. Crissy

    Can you believe 3 of my friends still went in for this race? Two stopped after six miles and the third finished. They were cold! One said that they were asking people to leave the course but the one that finished didn’t hear them!

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