My ABC’s

I saw this on another blog and thought – “Hey, I want to do that.” So here are my ABC answers 🙂

Age: 25
Bedsize: I think it’s a full? or queen… not sure
Chores that you hate: Doing the dishes!
Dogs: I have a shared puppy with Ryan – A Boston Terrier named Bailey
Essential start to your day: Shower. Wakes me up
Favorite color: Green
Gold or Silver: Silver
Height: 5 feet/ 6 inches.
Instruments you play: I took piano lessons and then violin when I was younger
Job title: Assistant Editor/Web site Manager
Kids: 0 (Just a cat and a dog)
Live: New York, New York
Mother’s Name: Peggi
Nicknames: Cate, my parents have a bunch for me – Princess, bundle, CatiePat…
Overnight hospital stays: I think zero.
Pet peeves: Rude people, people who leave a table and don’t push their chair in, riding the subway in the morning to work.
Quote from a movie or tv show:  “Oy with the poodles already” – Gilmore Girls
Right or Lefty:  Righty
Siblings: none! I’m an only child!
Time you wake up:  Depends on the day… Gym session in the morning: 5:30am, but usually 7am
Underwear:  yes!
Vegetable you hate: Cauliflower
What makes you run late: If anything that would the subway. But I’m hardly ever late.
X-Rays You’ve Had: When I broke my arm in 2nd grade
Yummy food you make:  …I’m not the best cook… I’m great at making pasta!
Zoo Animal:  Giraffe

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  1. cisforcourtney

    too cute! i think i might do this too!

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