Who Knew!

I have now almost reached two weeks of not running. I don’t know how this happened! Okay… I kinda do… The Red Rock Half Marathon kicked my butt (literally) and then I was introduced to The Hunger Games. For the past two weeks I’ve been reading them like crazy and I am now on book three. They’re really good! Not intellectual – good – but get out of the world you’re living in – totally get lost in a book good. I love when books take you away like that.

However – I do need to keep up my fitness level! (Half marathon on April 28th!!!)

So. In order to get myself back in the gym I signed myself up for a spinning class tomorrow night. I’m on puppy duty tonight so I’m unsure if I’ll get a run in or not. My little two week vacation from running was kind of nice. When you’re not working out everyday you have a lot of free time! Who knew!?


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One response to “Who Knew!

  1. Cathy Goddard

    How much “time off” do you think Meb takes?????? Get back on that horse, girlfriend!! April 28 is right around the corner!! Spinning class sounds like a perfect class to get you started and in the mood again. I would like to try that sometime. Have a great weekend, Catie!

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