Verrazano Half-Marathon Race Re-Cap

The Verrazano Half-Marathon!

The views from the pier in Brooklyn were pretty amazing. On one side the Statue of Liberty far off in the distance.

On the other the Verrazano Bridge! The race started at 9am and it was FREEZING. Though the sun was out the wind coming off the water made waiting for the start of the race miserable.

Once we started running and as the time passed the temperature got warmer and it was the perfect day for a race! It took me about 3 miles to get in race mode. It was weird, I felt like my body was moving super slow but I would look down at my watch and see I was running at a 7:45 pace.

Ryan was there to cheer me on and took this awesome photo of me right before I finished!

Like the web site said, this was a flat course. Which means fast times.

Going into the race I was a little worried. I had gotten a cold on Thursday, had only ran once that week and just didn’t feel that prepared. My goal was to stay under an 8:20 per mile pace, which would then beat my previous half-marathon best time. And I did just that!

Around mile 6 I noticed that two guys were running between a 7:40 – 8 minute pace. Exactly the pace I wanted! So for a while I just focused on keeping up with them. At around mile 8 I decided to ask one of the guys if it was okay that I run with them – since I thought it might be kind of creepy if I continued to run along side of him for the rest of the race… He said sure and he talked a little bit and really just paced each other. I think it helped both of us get a fasted time. I never got his name but I definitely owe him thanks because I know I would not have run as fast if it wasn’t for him. So thank you – guy that I ran with! 

My time was 1:41:54. A 7:47 pace. I still can’t believe it! And I have a cold! WOW. I’m really proud and I can’t wait to see what I can do when I feel 100%. 10K Rum Run I’m coming for YOU!

Saturday was the perfect day. A great race, followed by a HUGE breakfast, a nap and then dinner and a movie with Ryan. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Now I just need to beat this cold for good!



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11 responses to “Verrazano Half-Marathon Race Re-Cap


    YOU ROCKED THAT RACE CATIE!! I am so so happy for you. What a beautiful course and yay for Ryan getting awesome photos. Your ideal Saturday sounds just like my ideal Saturday:)

  2. artificiallybalanced

    Congrats you did amazing!!! I want to run with you but it would be need to be either a speed session for me or a very slow recovery run for you! haha girl you are FAST! perfect saturday for sure!

  3. Dang girl!! Congrats on an awesome race!

  4. Crissy

    Catie– I am so happy for you! Congrats!

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