This Week.

This week I’ve been surprisingly productive. Not in the running department, I’m mostly cross-training this week – I’m still getting over sore legs from the race – but in other areas of my life I’m kicking butt.

My room may be the cleanest it’s ever been. I’ve donated four bags of clothes and shoes to Housing Works (goodwill type place). I rearranged my closet. And as you know from a previous post I’m getting excited for the 2012-2013 races! I’ve been planning away! (Eugene Marathon 2013 here Janae and I come!)

I’ve also discovered the best thing ever for a healthy dessert! And it’s really easy. Like, Catie easy. Where there is no way you could possibly mess it up or give someone food poisoning, easy. 🙂

Take one Chobani greek yogurt (my favorite right now is the lemon flavor). Put it in the freezer for about 30 – 40 minutes. Take it out and enjoy an Italian ice/frozen yogurt type dessert! 

It’s really good!!! 


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