10K Mini Race Re-Cap

This was my the second year running the 10K Mini and I love this race. I love the course and I love what the race stands for.

Fun Fact: The 10K Mini was the first ever women only race in the US.

It was also my first race as a New York Flyer!

I felt pretty proud wearing my uniform and I definitely gave 100% while running this race! (super pale… I know.. I know…) The course is pretty hilly, but I felt like I had an upper hand because I’ve run this course many times before and knew what to expect. I paced myself so I could power through the hills and really run hard at the end.

I finished the race in 45:03 – a 7:16 pace. I’m still in awe about how fast I ran! My time last year for this race was 48:46. Crazy! I love seeing the progression in just one year!

Sunday was a lazy day – laying out in the sun, playing with the puppy, doing some errands and going to sleep early. I love starting the week fully rested. 

Next race: Boomer’s Run to Breathe, July 21st – 10k!



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2 responses to “10K Mini Race Re-Cap

  1. Megan

    Congrats on your awesome race!! Looking sharp in your Flyers singlet 🙂

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