Best Lunch everrrr

Oh my gosh Janae’s blogger lunch meet up was so much fun! 

I may, or may not have a girl crush on her… And look at her cute belly! I cannot wait to meet her little girl!

Our group met downstairs in Grand Central at the food court. Most of us went to Two Boots Pizza. I had never been there before. IT WAS AMAZING. GO and EAT THERE! Trust me.

I had the spinach and artichoke pizza. I probably could have eaten three pieces… 

We all sat around and talked and ate for about two hours. It was so great to meet new people and catch up with Janae.  Whenever I meet and talk with other runners it really makes me happy and fall in love with running all over again.

Janae and her husband Billy are moving to California this summer and I’m pretty sure that’s where I need to be (hint, hint Ryan). There are so many fun/cool runners out there! I wanna join in! And maybe I’ll actually be tan. That could be cool…



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4 responses to “Best Lunch everrrr

  1. Catie! Hi! So much fun yesterday and so great to meet you! We should definitely meet up for some runs during training for NYC!
    And you know there’s a Two Boots on the upper east right? I’m thinking…post run lunch sometime? 😉

  2. Elena

    I just have to let you know that I am beyond jealous!!

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